True Love and Other Disasters (Chinooks Hockey Team 4)

Author: Rachel Gibson
Category: Romance | Sports
Series: Chinooks Hockey Team
Total pages: 77

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True Love and Other Disasters (Chinooks Hockey Team 4)

Faith Duffy had a very good life as the wife of a very rich, very old man. So you’d think she’d have an ever better life as a very rich widow. But her so-called friends now want nothing to do with her and she’s about to fall back into the world she hated—the world of nobodies. And the icing on top? Apparently she’s now the proud owner of a hockey team. But Faith is a fighter and if it’s hockey they want, it’s hockey she’ll give them.

What does Faith know about hockey? That’s the question on everyone’s minds, especially that of Ty Savage, team captain. All he wants is his championship, and there’s no way he’s going to let Faith screw that up. 

Between juggling the line-up and fighting off their attraction, one thing’s for certain: this is going to be a season to remember.

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