Daddy's Orders

Author: Lucky Moon
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 58

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Daddy's Orders

A Little who won't submit. A Dom who won't be defied.

Mabel Waters never asks for help. Not even when she got bitten by a snake one time. Not even when she got lost in the jungle with just one emergency flare left. And definitely not when she couldn’t pay her wicked stepmother’s rent.

No. Mabel is a survivalist. That’s why she never wanted a boyfriend. That’s why she never told anyone she was a Little. And that’s why she escaped to Liberty.

Everything about Rip Steele screams “boss”. He once led an entire army. Now, he’s the most dominating of all Doms. The only Little he’d ever consider is one who’s as submissive as they come.

When he sees that Mabel is in trouble, Rip doesn’t ask her if she needs him. He just assumes. But that doesn’t work out too well. It isn’t just a clash of personalities – it’s a war.

Until it’s… not. Until it’s fireworks every time they touch. Until it’s kisses in secret. Until it’s can’t-keep-their-hands-off-each-other day and night.

But that only lasts until Mabel does what she does best. She pushes Rip away. But ex-military man Rip isn’t used to taking no for an answer. So, will Mabel finally submit? And can she ever learn to do more than just live with submission…? Can she find a way to love it?

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