Room Twenty-Three: Take My Breath Away

Author: Alexa Jordan
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 59

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Room Twenty-Three: Take My Breath Away

Three powerful men. One choice. Betray them or my sister dies...

My mission is simple: Get close to Salvatore Genovese, get information about his business, and report back to the man pulling the strings.

The moment I set eyes on him I become his prey and all my plans go out the window. Now they own me, the Genovese brothers and their damn bodyguard

These three have a reputation of bringing grown men to their knees, forcing them to beg for mercy which they’ll never give. They aren’t people any sane person would mess with, yet here I am. My only chance at surviving and saving my sister's life is to worm my way into their hearts - if they have them to begin with.

To everyone I’m just a pawn on the chessboard.
A sacrifice to the monster’s hunger for power.
But if everything goes according to plan, I’ll become a Queen.

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