Cross and Spider

Author: Tana Rose
Category: Romance | Paranormal | Fantasy
Total pages: 99

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Cross and Spider

My first year at Septem Stellae is over. I should be enjoying my summer, relaxing, focusing on my Youtube channel and on getting a tan.

But when my world is suddenly turned upside down, it becomes even more imperative that I learn how to control the magic swirling in my body.

Ezra, Fielder, Gideon and Hardin think they can teach me everything I need to know. But I have my doubts. Even as guilt gnaws at me I seek out the help of Cohen Faulkner, a witch who taught himself how to cast.

When he is able to help me access my shadows, something no witch in Shadow and Veil has been able to do in a hundred years, tempers flare and infighting abounds.

With a million other things to worry about--a murderous coven, witch hunters and my own burgeoning magic, not to mention a possessive umbra demon--I don’t have time to be delicate with their egos.

The mystery of who I am, my ancestry, drives me to leave them, to seek answers on my own from the one person who has them.

My father.

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