Blade and Tether

Author: Tana Rose
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy
Total pages: 116

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Blade and Tether

They’ve won.

After months of torture in the halls of Seven Stars University, I’ve finally capitulated. I’ve done just as the four members of The Consequences wanted and fled, leaving behind the one place where I felt like I belonged.

As I head to visit my sister in London, I decide to put it all behind me, to forget about Merritt’s claims that they are witches, that they have magic. I have to focus on moving forward and forgetting them.

It's easier said than done.

Especially when I’m attacked in a cemetery, and Hardin Yorke comes to my rescue. I thought I’d never see them again, hoped I never would. But all four of the men who made my life hell on campus show up, intent on protecting me.

They tell me it was for my own good.
They tell me I belong with them.
They tell me they’re witches.

They can’t really expect me to believe any of that can they?

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