The Retreat

Author: Nicola Marsh
Category: Suspense | Romance | Mystery
Total pages: 61

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The Retreat

You can stay, but you may never leave…

For guests who spend a week at Arcania, a wellness retreat in the Outer Banks for those wanting to digitally detox, the gothic mansion is a welcome haven. Others aren’t so lucky.

When Lucy’s mother dies unexpectedly and a mysterious Viking tattoo reveals a link to Arcania, Lucy books a week at the retreat. Cora Medville, the owner, seems welcoming enough, but soon the creepy house and its inhabitants are urging Lucy to flee, or risk dying like some before her.

Four decades earlier, runaway Cora is smitten by Arcania and the dashing owner Harlan. Craving a sense of belonging, she finds it with her new family and their majestic mansion.
But when residents start disappearing and she learns the terrifying truth, who can she trust?

How far will she go to protect Arcania’s sordid secrets?

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