Alien Storm

Author: Ursa Dax
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Science Fiction
Total pages: 126

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Alien Storm

“I will make my human mate see that I am strong enough to win her. Even if she makes me feel weak for the first time in my life…”


True love is a concept I’ve never trusted. So, this whole alien fated mates thing? It makes no sense. The fact that the Vrika apparently chose the absolute worst partner for me only proves that the fated mate bond is all kinds of messed up.

Gahn Errok is the epitome of arrogance. He’s brash, ungrateful, offensive, and possibly the most dramatic man I’ve ever met in my life, human or alien. He swept into our Sea Sand settlement expecting I’d fall at his feet and go back to his mountains as his obedient little wife. Well, I am going to the mountains, but only to help with the human mission there. I am definitely not going because of him. Even if he annoyingly insists that one day I’ll love him as much as he loves me.

Alright, Gahn Errok. I’ll take that bet.
Because you are the last male on this planet, no, in this universe, I would ever want to be with.


There is only one thing that could make my existence even more perfect than it already is: a mate. I’ve hungered, waited, and yearned for a mate. Finally, it is my time. Finally, I will have the love I’ve craved.

Only I meet my beloved in the dust and the sand and she…
Does not seem to want me.

Which makes no sense. Any woman would rejoice at the chance to be my mate!
But, strangely, Zuh-Tephanie does not rejoice. In fact, she glares at me as if hoping I’ll fall off the edge of a cliff.
Well, too bad for her that I am too clever to fall off a cliff.

I am strong. I am worthy.
I will win her.
I just…
Have to figure out how.

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