Sold to the Vampire King

Author: Electra Cage
Category: Vampires | Romance | Paranormal
Total pages: 46

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Sold to the Vampire King

I detest the cruel vampire king. Now I’m forced to marry him.
Once upon a time we were together, until our love turned into hatred.
Now our arranged marriage is supposed to unite our families.
But if he expects me to be a good little bride, he’s sorely mistaken.

He believes he owns me, but I refuse to be his pet.
So he’s decided to have fun breaking me as punishment for disobeying him.
I’ll make his life a living hell until he calls off the wedding.
I’ll be the bride from hell he’s begging for.

His obsessive behavior enrages me, and his cruelty pisses me off.
But he’s got me trapped in his castle, and somehow in our forced togetherness…
I glimpse the man that I fell for and ran from all those years ago.
I want to kiss his curse away and let him take what I’ve never given to a man before.

Will I give him my innocence willingly?

Four Vampire Kings rule their lands with an iron fist. But their dark hearts are cursed, and only one thing can lift their curse: To find love. But their cruelty has ensured that the mates who can heal them hate them with a vengeance…

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