A Secret Baby By the Vampire King

Author: Electra Cage
Category: Romance | Vampires | Paranormal
Total pages: 37

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A Secret Baby By the Vampire King

I’m trapped inside the vampire king’s castle. While trying to hide that my secret child is his…
He shattered me when he left me, and I vowed to never see him again.
But here I am, locked in his cursed castle. Nobody can leave, nobody can escape.
How much longer until he finds out that my child is his heir?

I’m a human. I don’t belong in this cruel world full of bloodlust.
But I have no choice because the king’s curse keeps me imprisoned.
Slowly, the castle becomes stifling and the air humid. And his eyes…
They follow me during the day and haunt me at night, all alone in my bed.

I’m ashamed to admit that my thoughts are returning to that one thing again and again.
To his rough hands on my hips, to his twisted tongue in my mouth.
To the way he used to heal my hurt, and the way I could heal his curse.
I buried my feelings for him long ago, but they are coming back with a vengeance.

Will I let the cruel vampire king break my heart again?

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