Pregnant By the Vampire King

Author: Electra Cage
Category: Romance | Vampires | Paranormal
Total pages: 35

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Pregnant By the Vampire King

The cruel vampire king hates fae. Now he has to marry one: Me.
I’m the outcast fae princess. I’m told that I have one chance to prove myself:
Make as many babies as possible to expand the strength of my kind.
But in order to do that, I have to marry the horrible, cold vampire king.

So here I am, standing at the altar, only to find him rejecting me.
He refuses to kiss me, to touch my body at all.
I should be happy and yet he leaves me yearning.
Yearning for his cold touch, for his icy embrace.

I want to hate him, but his stare does things to me.
It exposes my most private feelings and desires.
It makes me think of being a family, of having his baby.
Will he ever give me what I really want from him?

Or will he make me beg for it?

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