Nantucket in Bloom

Fifty years ago, a Nantucket father made an irreparable mistake that altered the course of many people's lives. But now, his daughter has returned to the island -- and she's ready to face the past.

Eloise's father kicked her out at sixteen. She had nothing -- no love, no happiness, no safety -- for years, until she married and moved to Indiana with a man named Liam. There, they had an at-times strained marriage, praying for children who never came. Three years ago, Liam passed away, and now, their farm has burned down, leaving Eloise with nothing, all over again -- just like when she was sixteen.

Julia's daughter, Anna, lives in Seattle, where she works as a travel writer. When she goes to Orcas Island on a writing assignment, her boyfriend, Dean, surprises her there with a question that's bound to change their lives. But a freak accident on Orcas Island destroys Anna's sense of self -- and she's forced to return to Nantucket Island to seek comfort at The Copperfield House.

On her way to Nantucket, Anna strikes up an unlikely friendship with Eloise, who just happens to be heading back to Nantucket, as well. On the road trip of a lifetime, they swap stories about their past and build a beautiful friendship for the ages.

What awaits them in Nantucket will change both of their lives forever.

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