Mercilessly Bred

There is no prince charming in my future. Instead, the cards handed to me led me down a dark and dreary path filled with pain and loss.
But even with the odds stacked against me, I got out, freeing myself from the everyday horrors I endured.
My feat wasn’t met with victory, though, because I left behind the one person I cared about the most. My sister.

Now on the run, with zilch to my name and worn clothes on my back, I’m left to find a solution.
Anyone else in my situation would be happy to just be free, but being out in the open is just as dangerous.
Stumbling upon a castle, nestled between the tall snow-topped trees, hiding in plain sight, I think I’ve found my saving grace.
Or so I thought.

Salvage and safety come at a steep price, and it’s one I must pay if I ever want to see my sister again.
The terms from the beast of a man are simple. Let him breed me and then I’ll have my freedom . He needs a kid, and I need cash and protection.
Only, as time goes on I’m left to wonder how far he’s willing to go to keep me.

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