Talk Flirty To Me (Cheap Thrills 4)

Author: Mary B. Moore
Category: Romance
Series: Cheap Thrills
Total pages: 89

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Talk Flirty To Me (Cheap Thrills 4)


Ever felt like you’ve had a crush on someone your whole life, but they never see you back? That’s what it felt like with Jarrod Kline. I worked in the same building as him, I gave him his jobs, I took his order for lunch… but that was it. 

Being shy didn’t help either. I wanted to be like the other women around me – ballsy, a go-getter, confident… I wanted to be like Tabby, Jose, Rose, and the Townsend women. 

Then, one night after a lot of margarita consumption, we hatched a plan – the ‘Get Yo Man Plan’, aka GYMP. Now that I’m sober, I realize what we’ve called it, but the GYMP is motion and it’s too late to turn back now.


I was the longest baby the day I was born, the tallest in preschool, the tallest in kindergarten… you get the point, I’ve always stood out. The problem was, I was also uncomfortable with it. For once, I wanted to not be seen, to do something that no one could see me doing. 

I’d looked into how to become an audiobook narrator after Tabby’s suggestion, and it seemed easy enough. So now I was a mechanic by day and an audiobook narrator by night, but only a couple of people knew about that last part.

And then Katy started working at the garage, and the scenes I’d been uncomfortable reading they took on a whole new meaning.

I just have one question, what the hell is GYMP?