Paolo's Pride (Sinful 1)

Author: Scott Wylder
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Erotic | Adult
Series: Sinful
Total pages: 10

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Paolo's Pride (Sinful 1)

Paolo Peretti is a billionaire thanks to his father’s hard work.

He is proud and vain, always used to getting the best that money can buy.
His collection of the world’s finest would be complemented by the beautiful, sexy Sofia Aurora Romano.
Sofia is perfect in every way except that she’s not rich.
Paolo is too proud to be seen with a poor, working-class woman. His friends would blackball him if they found out.
Sofia bears on his mind and soon he can’t think of anything else. He wants her.
She turns him down, finding his strutting pride a turnoff.
He has to have her and nothing will suit him but to have her, own her, his collection would be complete with her at his side.