Fated Fae (Fractured Fae 1)

Author: Jarica James
Category: Fantasy | Paranormal
Series: Fractured Fae
Total pages: 53

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Fated Fae (Fractured Fae 1)

One bullet. That was all it took to change her life forever.

Life in Silver Forest has never been particularly exciting for Bella. In fact, outside of meeting her best friend Jacob, it’s always been her against the world.

Until fae started moving to town in droves, causing riots in the streets that she gets drawn into. But she’s never been the type to stand back and watch someone get abused.

It seems something is drawing the fae to Silver Forest, a pull that even she is starting to feel. The problem is that no one seems to know what it means.

With her life in chaos and an unexpected tragedy, Bella finds out more about herself than she knew was possible. And now she’s expected to revive a land she’s never even been to.

But can ordinary Bella do anything that the fae, with magic and knowledge, can’t do? She’s just an average girl after all...

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