Broken Silence

Author: Jarica James
Category: Mystery | Romance | Young Adult
Total pages: 61

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Broken Silence

One broken girl with a dark past must find not only her voice, but the strength to move on.

After tragedy strikes Charlie’s family, she loses herself in her grief. With her family’s murderers on the loose and cops who refuse to listen, Charlie learns the hard way that she is alone in the world.

Three years pass, and still Charlie will not speak. Out of options and ideas, the judge sends her to a different foster home. Faced with a new town and a new life, Charlie must learn to live again. Surprisingly, she meets a group of friends that welcome her into their fold.

Of course, the past always has a way of coming back to haunt you, and Charlie is no exception. With the support from her new family and friends, she tries to find the answers the police couldn’t… or wouldn't, find.

The closer they get to the answers, the more dangerous it becomes for Charlie. Can she survive long enough to be truly happy? Or will the evasive murderers come back to finish the job?

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