A Cinnabar Sky

Author: Billy Kring
Category: Thriller | Suspense | Mystery
Total pages: 83

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A Cinnabar Sky

Border Patrol Agent Hunter Kincaid finds a small bone, the end joint of a young boy’s little finger right next to a car trunk filled with decomposing bodies, and the discovery starts a chain of events centering around murders, untold millions, a racist rancher, and the boy with the missing fingertip. Hunter locates and befriends the boy, Adan, in Mexico, and they immediately find dangerous men are hunting them. The criminals are led by a stone-cold killer named Ellis, who wants the boy done away with before anyone can discover the kid’s secret. With Hunter as Adan’s friend, they evade gunmen, escape traps, and make a desperate escape for the Texas border. But the men are on their trail and closing fast, and Ellis is confident he can end both their lives before Adan talks. What Ellis and the other killers don’t count on, is Hunter and a few of her friends deciding different.