Envy (Criminal Sins 1)

Author: Sasha Leone
Category: Dark | Crime | Action | Romance
Series: Criminal Sins
Total pages: 81

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Envy (Criminal Sins 1)

“Envy can topple the darkest empires…”

I took her as a pawn, then made her my princess.

Want change? Kidnap a politician’s daughter.
That will remind them who the cartel king of Colombia is.

My prize: fear, and a naive little dove with bright brown eyes and dark raven hair.
… And teeth so sharp they threaten to pierce my stone heart.

She’s almost not worth the effort.

But a forced marriage could solve all of my problems,
Or ruin everything.

With every passing day, I’m given less of a choice.
My obsession grows; as do my enemies.

I need to take her. Break her. Rule her.
Own her.

… And when a revolution erupts because I chose her, she quickly learns the truth.

I will protect her from the outside world,
… But no one can protect her from me.