Vicious Angel (Criminal Sins 2)

Author: Sasha Leone
Category: Dark | Crime | Action | Romance
Series: Criminal Sins
Total pages: 89

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Vicious Angel (Criminal Sins 2)

“The devil was just a fallen angel…”

I couldn’t be her prince, so I became her devil.

Catalina Alzate brought me nothing but pain.

Those sharp hazel eyes. That perfect body. Her fiery lips.
They scorched my ruthlessness and made my icy heart thaw.

But she’s an addiction. An obsession. A necessity.

And the mother to my secret child.

Not to mention, someone else’s princess…

My cruel brother has locked her away in his dark tower.
—I’ve raised an army to get her back.

War is the only answer.

My new family will survive,
Even if that means destroying my old one.