Dark Exodus (The Order of Vampires 2)

Author: Lydia Michaels
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy | Vampires
Series: The Order of Vampires
Total pages: 120

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Dark Exodus (The Order of Vampires 2)

Larissa Hostetler is on the run after an arranged marriage to Silus, her abusive, immortal husband. As Silus hunts his disobedient wife, he plots her painful atonement. But Bishop King, the most powerful and eldest immortal in The Order, finds Larissa first, and he has plans of his own.

A deadly vampire is slaughtering mortal women in the woods, drawing unwanted attention from the media that threatens to expose their species. The Council is hard pressed to hunt and destroy the creature, but other upheaval is at play.

Immortals on the farm are keeping secrets. Vows will be broken and lives eternally changed as appetites for vengeance grow.

Nothing is as it seems when an immortal seeks revenge…