Twisted Roots (DeBeers 3)

Author: V.C. Andrews
Category: Horror | Young Adult | Fiction
Series: De Beers
Total pages: 140

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Twisted Roots (DeBeers 3)

The perfect family...and the perfect nightmare. TWISTED ROOTS From the outside, Hannah Eaton seems to live a charmed life in wealthy Palm Beach, Florida, with her mother, Willow, a renowned psychologist, and her stepfather. But deep inside, she is miserable and lonely. She's been abandoned by her father, a pretentious lawyer whose family wants nothing to do with her. Now, the arrival of a new baby brother has consumed her mother, who is obsessed with caring for the sickly infant. And so, Hannah slips further into the shadows.. With the help of her boyfriend and her uncle, Hannah sets out for New Orleans to follow her dreams of singing. But life on the road holds many dark surprises - and shattering realities that Hannah herself may not be ready to face...