Conan the Destroyer (Robert Jordan's Conan Novels 6)

Author: Robert Jordan
Category: Fantasy | Fiction | Adventure
Series: Robert Jordan's Conan Novels
Total pages: 50

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Conan the Destroyer (Robert Jordan's Conan Novels 6)

In the fabled city of Shadizar, sultry Princess Tamaris hires Conan to recover the magical gem known as the Heart of Ahriman. Accompanied by the beautiful maiden Jehnna, Conan must vanquish scheming, murderous Bombatta, the princess' henchman, and face the sinister Guardians of the horn, only to confront the foul and ancient, many-fanged demon-god Dagoth. With Jehnna's life and Conan's very soul at stake, Conan must truly be Conan the Destroyer.