Forbidden Love

Author: Missy Walker
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Total pages: 79

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Forbidden Love

Lourde and Barrett's story continues in this steamy, angsty, and forbidden love story.

I've fallen so deep for Barrett, that there's no turning back.
He is the man that I cannot be without.
The man that lights a fire between my thighs that burns all night long.
But when his world spins upside down, he does something completely unexpected.
He pushes me away.

She is the only girl for me, but deep down I know I don't deserve Lourde.
She is perfect, flawless and the only person that completes me.
But when my business world is threatened, I have to protect her,
and the only way I know how is to push her away.
Problem is, I don't think I can stay away.