Billionaire and the Barista

Author: Ava Gray
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 78

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Billionaire and the Barista

I should’ve known better…
Dating a bad boy biker could’ve only led to one thing: Heartbreak.

But that wasn’t even the end of it.

The entire ordeal also gave me a baby.
One that I kept from him.
Before you judge me, know that he was the one to walk away and move to another country.

For years, I missed looking into Nathan’s eyes.
I missed the way he would touch me.
The way he would speed up my heart rate.

So I wasn’t surprised when I made the same mistake years later…
Another shot at love…. And another pregnancy.
I’m buried under all my secrets.
And history is likely to repeat itself… How will we both mess it up this time around?