Punishing His Ward (Domestic Discipline 3)

Author: Golden Angel
Category: Romance | Historical | Erotic | Adult
Series: Domestic Discipline
Total pages: 55

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Punishing His Ward (Domestic Discipline 3)

When Wesley Spencer, Earl of Spencer, arrives in Bath, his first encounter with his new ward is out in the street where she's indecently dressed (to his mind) and obviously rushing to get home. His mother's letters had prepared him for a hoyden, what they hadn't prepared him for was the astonishingly beautiful and sensual young woman who surprises every one of his expectations when he disciplines her.

Cynthia Bryant loves to be told what not to do, because it always gives her the best ideas for mischief. She knows better than to kiss rakes, flirt with gentleman, or touch herself between her legs (even in private), but she does all of those things anyway because they're so much fun! Unfortunately the Earl isn't quite as easily put off as his mother, but Cynthia finds a whole new area of exploration when she has the most shocking reaction to his spankings.

While in Bath, Edwin and Eleanor find themselves reconnecting in a way they couldn't in London, and their relationship takes a gentler, warmer turn. Unfortunately Edwin still hasn't declared his feelings for her by the time she makes a life-altering discovery.

In London, Irene and Hugh have declared their love, but there's lingering tension with Lord Brooke, who seems to be on the verge of forcing a reconciliation with his estranged wife.