The Sheik's Siren

Author: Elizabeth Lennox
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 45

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The Sheik's Siren

Her time in Silar was supposed to be temporary. So why did her heart want it to be forever?

Faye Lafayette had come to Silar for research, not to fall madly in love with a mysterious man. But fall in love was exactly what she did when she met Zantar al Abouss. If one paid close attention, his eyes revealed so much of what the man was feeling. His enigmatic eyes intrigued her, and his mouth haunted her dreams.

So when Zantar’s life is threatened, Faye is determined to protect him, even if it means leaving him forever!

The lovely siren was his downfall. Zantar had never met anyone as lovely, and oblivious to her allure, as Faye. Falling for the woman hadn’t been on the agenda during his visit to Silar. It was especially intense to be loved for himself, and not his title.

Then one day everything went wrong when she said, “I love you,” and disappeared before he could blink.
Zantar was determined to find his woman. However, he never expected to discover…his infant daughter!