Daddy's Little Liar (Daddy 12)

Author: Lila Fox
Category: Romance | Erotic | Adult
Series: Daddy
Total pages: 44

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Daddy's Little Liar (Daddy 12)

All Faith knew how to do was lie. It’s what got her through the struggles of her day-to-day life, and when she was at the bottom and about to be homeless, Rylan stepped in.

Rylan took one look at the young woman and couldn't help but save her. He could tell she was at the end of her rope and knew if he didn’t intervene, she’d be gone. The fact that she was almost emaciated and her eyes held desperation she tried to hide took away any qualms he had about wanting her in his life.

But time had run out, and if he didn’t save her, she would be destroyed, and then he might never get her back.