Sacrifice (Heart of a Wounded Hero)

Author: Hope Ford
Category: Romance
Total pages: 25

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Sacrifice (Heart of a Wounded Hero)

He’s my landlord.
He has a fiancé and he’s way out of my league.
But then he gets hurt and has no one.

Sure, I can stay with him.
I can spend 24/7 with him and not let on how I really feel about him.
He doesn’t need to know anyway.

He’s grieving and trying to recover,
And the last thing I want to do is complicate things.
But then he confesses his attraction to me and there’s no more holding back.

I’m hoping for forever.
He’s unsure what his future holds.
I’m falling in deep.
He thinks I’m playing him.

Will this wounded hero let me heal his heart? And if not, how can I let him go?