Side Squeeze (Jasper Falls 6)

Author: Lydia Michaels
Category: Romance
Series: Jasper Falls
Total pages: 94

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Side Squeeze (Jasper Falls 6)

Harrison Montgomery left Jasper Falls to escape his abusive father when he was only seventeen. Saving himself meant leaving those he loved behind.

Harrison was Mariella Mosconi’s first love, and when he ran away without even a goodbye, he stole her heart. Ten years later, when his father’s funeral brings him home, many unresolved emotions return.

Rekindled chemistry ignites into a passionate fling when two reunited lovers collide. Despite the entwined past these childhood sweethearts share, their present lives are worlds apart. Mariella’s just a small-town girl, and Harrison has become a big time, New York tycoon.

Could they have a future when he is still so haunted by a tragic past, or will he run again?