Deny (DeLancy Crime Family)

Author: E.C. Land
Category: Romance | Crime | Adult
Total pages: 39

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Deny (DeLancy Crime Family)

I'll crucify every last one of them that hurt her.


I didn't think she was so important in my life until she was taken, and then everything changed. It became clear she was my entire world and my life revolved around her. I did everything I could to pull her from their evil clutches, and by the grace of God I found her in enough time.

But I didn't find her soon enough. Sure, she was alive . . . but the woman I loved was mutilated in horrible ways, tortured for pure entertainment by another. She feels broken, but I won't let her feel ashamed for what she's endured.

She's a survivor, but in no way is she a victim.

It's my job to lift her up and I'll do just that.

Only, if anyone else dares to harm her again I'll cut them down before they have the opportunity.