Whisper of Bones (Cassie Quinn 2)

Author: L.T. Ryan
Category: Fantasy | Thriller | Mystery | Paranormal
Series: Cassie Quinn
Total pages: 95

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Whisper of Bones (Cassie Quinn 2)

A suspicious death mirrors a serial killer signature
A ghostly visitor might hold the answer
Cassie must decipher the cryptic message
Whispered in the bones of the dead
If she hopes to help solve the crime and save herself in the process

A dead man has investigators stumped. His death mirrors the work of a serial killer who'd dropped off the face of the earth and believed to be dead. A visit from a strange new ghost forces Cassie's involvement. Unsure the entity's purpose for haunting her, Cassie is both intrigued and terrified at its potential implications.

In a desperate race against the clock, Cassie must determine if the spirit guiding her is friend or foe. She must listen carefully to the whispers of bones if she hopes to solve the crime and, in the process, remain among the living.