King Elijah (The Zemiran Chronicles 2)

Author: D.L. Blade
Category: Fantasy | Romance
Series: The Zemiran Chronicles
Total pages: 101

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King Elijah (The Zemiran Chronicles 2)

In the depths of Whitestone Mountain, a love is born between a king and an assassin on a journey to save their world.


The Kingdom of Zemira is thriving again. The magic is back, the land flourishes, and all magical creatures live harmoniously. But that is about to change.

Janelle, a young Elven assassin, sets out on a dangerous mission by the magical sorcerer she serves. She must kill the Zemiran King. Should the Elven woman not succeed, she and her brother will suffer a fate worse than death.

The king and the assassin loathe each other at first—yet they soon realize they have an enemy in common. One that could destroy everything they hold dear.

Hoping to save their world from the Newick coven's sinister plans, they journey to Myloria to save Janelle's brother and protect their world from the many dangers that threaten magic.

Amidst their quest, Elijah and Janelle find their hatred for each other is not meant to last. An unexpected connection rises between the two—a magical force brings them together, despite their fight to deny it. And their destinies are bound.

Danger awaits around every corner. A ruthless coven leader. A monster that feeds on magic. A treacherous voyage through Whitestone Mountain.

Lives are at stake, and the fate of Zemira rests on their shoulders.

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