Summer Savory

Author: Bree Weeks
Category: Romance | New Adult
Total pages: 12

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Summer Savory


I became Head Chef at the gorgeous Mountain Ridge Resort through hard work and dedication to my craft. I take myself and my position seriously, and that's a full-time job. Between supervising the kitchen, the staff, and the garden, I have precious little time or energy for anything else. I love the life I've built here, but that doesn't mean I'm happy. I've sacrificed much to get where I am, and the loneliness is sometimes overwhelming.

When Reese literally stumbles into my kitchen, he awakens dormant emotions in me, and the exhilaration is almost more than I could bear. Will my heart be just one more thing I have to sacrifice?


My ability to avoid summer vacations with my brother, sister, and their families has developed into an art form, and I'd almost perfected it. That is until my sister figures out why I was doing it in the first place. I destroyed our family, and I've had to live with that guilt for years. To keep the peace, I finally agree to an extended vacation at the resort my parents loved, but I’m sure I’ll be miserable. I'm also sure that I deserve it.

An unexpected meeting with a beautiful and fascinating woman turns my world upside down. Soon I’m imagining settling down with kids underfoot and white picket fences. Can I convince her to give me a chance, or am I doomed to a life of solitude?

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