The One I Want

Author: Cindy Kirk
Category: Fiction | Romance
Total pages: 31

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The One I Want

She’s the love of his life, but is he the man she believes him to be?

Anson Hawkins, oldest son of one of Denver’s most prominent families, is the city’s staunchest mental health advocate. If he can win a seat on the City Council in the upcoming election, he’ll be able to expand his programs and help even more people. And when that happens, there’s only one woman he wants by his side.

When they were kids, Anson saw Eve Driskill as simply the little sister of his best friend, Cameron. Now she’s all grown up, and Anson knows the social media star is much more than the pretty party girl she pretends to be online. No matter how cutthroat the political world gets, he can always be real with Eve. But does he know what real really is?

Learning he could be connected to a ten-year-old cold case, Anson struggles to remember a night he’s tried hard to forget. With Eve’s help, he’ll uncover the past—and hope it doesn’t derail both their futures.

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