Tempted By the Wolf (Mate Hunt 6)

Author: Lola Glass
Category: Paranormal | Romance | Fantasy | New Adult
Series: Mate Hunt
Total pages: 88

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Tempted By the Wolf (Mate Hunt 6)

All I did was pick up an extra shift at work...

And it was the best mistake I've ever made.

Because I ran right into the chest of a sexy guy on my way out of the kitchen, and he turned into a wolf.

As it turns out, werewolves are real, and they're just as hot as every indie romance book I've ever read has said.

And this one has decided I'm his mate.

Talk about a dream come true, right?

But turning into a werewolf when your mate bites you isn't guaranteed, apparently.

Sometimes, it kills people.

And when he bites me, my health starts to decline, fast.

Now it's not a question of whether or not I choose the sexy werewolf that fate decided was mine... it's a matter of whether or not my body will fight hard enough to survive the change at a much slower pace than it should.

There's nothing we can do but hope like hell... and enjoy the time we still have.