When It's Right (Columbus Falls 4)

They say when it’s right, you’ll know. But what if you don’t? Know, that is?


The only kind of baby I’ve ever been interested in is the kind covered with fur. I’ve devoted my life to animals, running a pet boutique with my sister and delivering homemade treats to the local veterinary clinic.

My simple, idyllic life gets upended when the veterinarian sells her practice to Ethan Walker. He’s older, gorgeous, and makes me feel things I’ve never felt before, but there’s one little, four-foot-three problem…


Columbus Falls is a little slice of heaven. A small town where my son has room to run and plenty of animals to love, I knew it would be perfect the moment I set foot into my new animal clinic.

When a beautiful brown-haired angel pops in to drop off some dog biscuits, it’s like a punch right to my gut. I want her, and I can tell the attraction is mutual. But she holds back when she discovers I’m a father—she’s never wanted kids.

I know we can win her over. How could we not, when being near her feels so right?

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