North (The Moral Compass 2)

Author: Martina Dale
Category: Romance
Series: The Moral Compass
Total pages: 83

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North (The Moral Compass 2)

North McGarry is a very attractive man. He will tell you so himself. He has it all. The fancy house, the fast cars, and all the women falling for his never-ending charm. What more could a gorgeous, single, billionaire want? He certainly didn’t want or need a new best friend until he is given Kara to protect. Feelings can change in the blink of an eye when his charms don’t work and she isn’t swooning at his feet, he finds himself firmly friend-zoned.

Kara Simpson is a beautiful blonde bombshell with one hell of a sassy attitude. Her mixed-up teenage years have made her hard. Her guard is up, and her walls are strong. She doesn’t want or need a man to keep her fulfilled until she makes friends with the charismatic North McGarry who secretly steals her heart. North’s lifestyle is very different from Kara’s and when their differences are pointed out it's crystal clear there could never be a future for them.

They are forced into situations that test both of their moral compasses. Can their decision-making bring them together or will it tear them apart forever?

Your moral compass is linked to your heart and soul. It will guide you to make the right decisions at the right time. Whether you choose to ignore it or not is your choice.

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