Conner's Luna

Author: Leona Page
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 176

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Conner's Luna

Alphason Conner Grim has been rejected by his mate.
No one expected it, least of all the young wolf himself. Stunned, hurt, and reeling from his mate's betrayal with another male, Conner is desperate to win his mate back.

Bailey Madison Washington has been rejected by her mate. She's OK. It hurts a bit, but she doesn't find it hard to put him behind her. After all, she doesn't realize she has a mate. She's human.

Conner has been raised to believe in truemates before all else. Bailey is... well... still human. When Conner decides to use Bailey to break apart the relationship between their mates, his game pulls Bailey into a world of love, friendship, murder, wolves, and betrayal that she never knew existed.

When the world seems like it's fighting against you, the choices you make can change everything.

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