Author: Rebecca Joyce
Category: Dark | Romance | MC
Total pages: 130

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“She was mine to protect. I failed. Now it’s time to show them what a real savage can do.” ~ Savage

My name is Savage.
I am the Sergeant of Arms for the Golden Skulls M.C.
My job was simple.
Protect my sister.
I failed.
Now all bets are off.
I know who is to blame, and nothing will stop me from getting my revenge.
Even if that means going against Reaper.
When I get help from someone unexpected lines become blurred.
She’s someone with a past more dangerous than mine.
Trust doesn’t come easily to her, and everything changes when her truths are revealed.
Reaper orders me to stay away.
Going against my President is a death sentence.
As the fate of the Golden Skulls hangs in the balance, I must decide my own fate.
Stick with my brothers or stay with the woman I love.
The decision should have been an easy one, or so I thought.
War is on the horizon and my next move could be my last.
I won’t fail a second time.
She’s mine.
Mine to protect.

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