A Golden Skulls Wedding

Author: Rebecca Joyce
Category: Dark | Romance
Total pages: 99

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A Golden Skulls Wedding

The club is in turmoil.
Deception is everywhere.
No one knows who to trust.
As the tension rises in the clubhouse, some turn away from the brotherhood.

Reaper knows he is about to lose everything because of a decision he made many years ago.
Lost in his own lies, a secret from his past comes crashing forward.
With no way out, Reaper comes up with a dangerous plan to keep his past hidden.
Because the secret he never wanted to be aired just might be the catalyst to bring the whole club down around him.

As the Vice President of the Golden Skulls, Ghost knows Reaper is spiraling.
Shocked about the truth he’s learned, Ghost enlists help from an unlikely ally.
The cost is great, but Ghost will willingly defy Reaper to save his brothers.

Phantom is waiting for Ascari.
She knows he’s coming for her.
When she learns the truth about Reaper, she must make a decision that will change everything.
The club is no longer the brotherhood she knows.
It’s now every woman for herself.

As the club gears up to celebrate the wedding of their President and his Ol’Lady, friends and acquaintances arrive to celebrate with the happy couple.
Reaper knows the wedding is a mistake.
Ghost knows the Golden Skulls will never be the same again.
Phantom knows that if she wants to survive, she must reach out to her past.

Allegiances will be tested as a dark, sinister secret comes to light.
Grab your invitation and dress for the occasion because nothing will prepare you for this Golden Wedding.

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