The Dragon Queen's Harem

Author: Meg Xuemei X
Category: Fantasy | Paranormal | Romance
Series: The Cursed Dragon Queen and Her Mates
Total pages: 91

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The Dragon Queen's Harem

One warrior queen, three dragons, and a formidable fae demigod.

My princes and I return to the Dragon Realm, only to find the mad Dragon King has burned half of the kingdom, and the dark fae's army is at our door.

To defeat our ancient foes and put the broken realm back together, I must go on a quest to uncover the origin of my curse and unleash the great, terrible magic in me. But I can't leave my people to face the evil alone. In the midst of crisis, my dragon general returned. Adrian was my first crush before I vanished centuries ago. He's been searching for me ever since.

With enemies all around to ensure the extinction of the dragon race, all I can trust is my devoted princes, an old flame, and Elvey, my heart. But first, my alpha males must put their rivalry and differences aside and learn to work together, or our Dragon Realm will be forever shattered and our race no more.

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