Rochelle's Manster

Author: Carly Keene
Category: Romance
Total pages: 21

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Rochelle's Manster

You've Built a Bear, but have you ever Made a Manster?

When 15 girlfriends spend a spooky weekend getaway in Manitou Springs, Colorado, they conjure up their perfect partner, but never expect to actually meet them. This Halloween, join our heroines as they manifest the man of their dreams using a little earth magick, margarita mix, and Goddess blessings.

My list of requirements for my ideal man is long, but not that specific.
Except for a few things: he has to like cats and high fantasy.
I’d like him to have a fantasy-hero name.
And he really needs to know what he’s doing in the bedroom.
So when this handsome, awkward guy spills coffee on me in the apartment elevator, I have no idea that he could be the ideal man i asked for.
Once I’m finished being angry, I feel a little sorry for Alaric.
As I get to know him, I start to like him.
And then I wonder if he could be the answer to my love spell.

I’m used to being seen as an outsider.
Weird. Computer geek.
I blame my name. And then I blame myself.
Who else gets to their mid-thirties without ever having been on a successful date, much less finding someone to love?
But then I meet Rochelle. Beautiful, kind, and tolerant of my faults.
Too bad I could never ever be anyone’s ideal.
Not even hers.
Or could I?

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