Collateral Damage

Author: Amy McKinley
Category: Romance | Dark | Adult
Total pages: 50

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Collateral Damage

I've craved Hailey from the moment we met. She recognizes my duality—as a Mafia surgeon, I’m both sinner and saint. But the timing of our meeting was all wrong, and I forced myself to walk away.

Months later, her father begs me to help him—I won’t. But then he told me someone had taken Hailey, and I knew I would do anything to save her.

Except when I find her, I decide to play a game of my own. So I steal her, and while she’s captive in my home, we strike a deal.

I’ll help her follow the money trail surrounding her kidnapping if she agrees to stay with me. But each clue unearths darker and more sinister threats.

I lost my first love. I won’t lose Hailey too.

I’ll do anything to save her, even if it means the impossible—letting her go.

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