A Duke Trapped in Desire

Author: Sally Vixen
Category: Historical | Erotic | Romance | Adult
Total pages: 66

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A Duke Trapped in Desire

“Rule number two, I shall not bed you.”

To escape a marriage to a horrendous man, Marina does the unthinkable: she tries to compromise herself on purpose with a kind Earl. However, to her horror, the one that walks into the Earl’s bedroom is not the Earl, but his rakish brother…

Proud owner of a gaming establishment, Duke James crawled his way out of debt into an immense amount of wealth, and he has been living by his own set of rules since. He never drinks, nor gambles. And more importantly, he never falls in love. He was fully prepared to let his brother continue the family line, when he is found in a bedroom with a seductive vixen...

If there is anything James hates in this world, it’s losing control. And that’s exactly what happens when the two are forced into a marriage of convenience. But the war of wills between them has just started, and neither of them will go down without a fight...

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