The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate

Author: Laura Wylde
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 29

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The Alpha King’s Rejected Mate

I’m a reject. My true mate doesn’t want me. My pack turned their backs on me.

I woke up in the middle of the woods - hurt, alone, and confused.

The only memory I have of my former life doesn’t bode well for me.

The smell of danger lingers in my path.

My shifter powers grow stronger as does my desire to mate.

My need to belong is fulfilled by three shifters :

Sterling - An irresistibly possessive Alpha. A chiseled cowboy. Dominant and arrogant. But willing to yield if need be.

Tyler - A lone rogue wolf. An ex-Rockstar. A sensitive soul with power over animals.

Dutch - Rancher and single dad. Stubborn yet kind and gentle.

What’s not to love about my newfound family and the life I’m building here?

It’s not my current life I need to worry about.

It’s my past that won’t let go.

When the forces who want to get rid of me make their move, I’m confident that with a trio of gorgeous shifters by my side, the enemy is doomed to fail.

My three fierce protectors will never steer me wrong.

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