Stolen By the Lycanthrope

Author: Chloe Parker
Category: Paranormal | Romance
Total pages: 95

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Stolen By the Lycanthrope

I’ve always wanted a fairy tale romance with the alpha of my dreams—but the princess is supposed to end up with a prince, not a pirate.

The relationship between alphas and omegas can be scary, but I’ve always dreamed of finding my true love. At home in Austin though, no one seems interested—and I spend every full moon alone.

Until now.

I’ve been re-captured by my old, sinister pack, and they’re determined to claim me and keep me in their sea-bound fortress forever. The only thing stopping the pack alpha from assigning me to a mate of his choice is the one person I never expected to help me.

Javier Ortega, a ruthless mercenary.

Javi says I’m his fated mate, and he doesn’t care about the Gulf Pack’s rules. To make matters worse, he claims me in front of everyone, placing his mating bite on me so he can track me wherever I go. I don’t feel the mating bond, but Javi is in charge now, and he doesn’t have any plans on letting me go.

It seems like he has a secret, though—and maybe, just maybe, he’ll help me get home.

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