Undercover Billionaire

Author: Melanie Knight
Category: Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 47

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Undercover Billionaire

Her: She’s sassy, intelligent and strong, and she’s had enough of men trying to run her life. Problem is, she needs a man – and quick – to be the non-existent fiancé she’s been bragging about to the family. Enter Drake Alexander, hired with the best of credentials from a top-notch acting association. Only he’s not exactly what she’s ordered…

Him: He’s rich, powerful and just a little bit arrogant, and he doesn’t need any more women running after his billions. Problem is, he’s stuck in the storm of the century in some hole-in-the-wall town. Banging on the door of a local, the last thing he expects is to be greeted by a beautiful woman ranting about how he’s the preposterously late actor she’s been expecting. Yet for some reason, he lets her believe the lie….

Kaitlyn has no choice but to accept Drake as her pretend fiancé, even though he invades her thoughts and unsettles her life. Worse yet, continues to play his role even when her family is not around! Soon they’re planning a pretend wedding, getting closer and closer to “I do.” Sparks fire and suspicions soar, but everything changes when…

The truth is revealed.

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