Prince of Darkness

Run. Hide. Pray for escape.

Winter's barely escapes the castle after her father's death. As she runs through the city, she realizes her only hope to reclaim her throne is to leave Magaelor. Unfortunately, that means returning to the one place she truly fears.

In the dark underbelly of Berovia, Winter is captured by the king's men and thrown into the pits with traitors and criminals. Her only hope to make it out alive is by agreeing to marry the king's arrogant son. But this union comes at a terrible price.

If she agrees to become his bride, her people will be stripped of their magic and forced into submission. But if she dies, she leaves the fate of Magaelor to her corruptible cousin, Edgar, who will ruin her family's rule.

Can she find a way to save her people and herself before it's too late? Or, will she dies as the princess of nothing?

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