‘Where are we?’

‘In my home, Julia.’

‘I know that, silly. I mean... why can’t I turn my head?’ I blink and see more. ‘And why are you naked?’

He circles me quietly. The dimple in his sculpted back tightens. I exhale and move my ankles. I feel no fabric on my body.

‘Why am I naked?’ I ask.

‘You ask so many questions, Miss Cast.’ He stops and faces the gray walls. His beautiful face turns toward me and our eyes lock. ‘Perhaps I can remedy that.’

He squeezes his fist. My world explodes.

Between my thighs.

It throttles me into involuntary spasms. My clit. My labia. The inner sapling of my G-spot. Oh God… YES.

He squeezes his fist. It stops. I fight to align my breathing.

‘Henry… what is this?’

There is a vibrator inside of me, hooked onto the very spots of pleasure to which my fingers are accustomed. My fingers, and now his thick cock. I see it rise and fall, his pelvic muscles controlling every twitch, every flow of life down to it.

His breath is strong above my face. His arms, moisturized and flexed, caress my shoulders in an effort to calm me down. I am anything but calm.

‘You are in my Pleasure Room, Miss Cast. It is filled with toys for both all kinds of kink, and I have prepared it just for you. Well, I have been preparing it just for you for a year.’

‘A year?’

He shushes me with his finger. Fore. Middle follows. Tip after tip they graze my bottom and then top lip. He urges me to open them, my teeth, my mouth.

‘Wider,’ he commands.

I do as he says. He tastes like cherries. No. Strawberries. I’ve never tasted anything like it before. He swirls and twirls them around my tongue, and I do my best to wet them. I am tempted to bite him, make him feel pain…


He’s in my mind. I let him be, and the oral invasion is over. He pulls out and makes sure I watch him lick them clean. I squirm.

‘Tonight, you have surely rested. I willed you to rest. Do you understand what this means?’


‘You will address me as Red.’

‘Really, Henry?’

His fist squeezes. The jolt surprises me. Oh gosh… I am soooo close to… oh mmmmmmh…

He stops.

‘No, R… Red.’

He leans over my face. I feel his heart through the top of his shoulders. I feel him in control.

‘Good girl,’ he replies softly. He leans so close I can taste his lips once more. ‘Now close your eyes.’


‘Do as you are told.’

‘Yes, Red.’

I shut the world out and listen. His body heat feathers across my skin. Flesh boils and pines for sweet release. Warm fingers wrap around my clit, pampering an already fixed vibrator. Thighs widened. Ankles shackled. Arms tied down. Womb screaming for cum. Lips and mouth filled with his thick, long cock. Tongue wet and ready. A sigh.

I hear the button click.

Tables turn. I feel gravity rush the blood down. My head is full. Cock and balls, slapping and filling my throat. Tears sting my eyes. Horrid pleasures rip through my core. Clit is owned. Cunt is his. His cock is slow. The machine is not. Higher setting. I suck it in. I inhale through my nose.

My thighs expel the thing. He pushes it back in. His thighs slap and fold over my ears. The smell of musk and cum envelop me. I cannot scream. My body shudders and convulses to the rapid pulses from the vibrator inside of me. T

he orgasms overlap and I swallow his cock all the way down my throat. I cry and spit him out, the salt and sweet pre-cum oozing down my chin.

‘REEEEEDD,’ I howl out. The buzzing stops. His cock slaps against my cheek. I calm down. ‘My pussy is on fire, Red.’

‘Open your eyes.’

I see him squatting beside me. He pats my hair to the side and kisses me on the forehead.

‘Did you like that?’

‘I did,’ I reply, panting.

‘Good.’ He stands straight and tall on the other side. His thighs and my ass meet. Vibrator in his hands. Cock on my clit. He nods. I close my eyes.

I hear the button click.

I feel them both inside of me.

I scream his name. His real name. He does not stop. He thrusts as deep as where my secrets sleep and tortures my clitoris with the vibrator for eternity. I lose count. I lose feeling of who I was before I woke up.

I close my eyes, tired.

My hands are free. So are my legs. I am moving, and not walking. Henry has me in his arms, and I think we are going upstairs. My body is not my own. I try scratching his chest. My fingers cannot move. I taste semen on my lips. Semen and strawberries.

‘I love you, Julia,’ he says to me. ‘I have always loved you and now I’m glad I can own you. I can possess you whenever I want.’

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