Watery justification expels out of my cunt and on his V-line. He stops and cums, hard, inside me. Carries me again. Kissing me all the way. I feel fire.


On my skin. Close. A fireplace.

Soft bedding on my back. Legs spread wide open. Hands cupping my ass.

He spits.

‘Henry,’ I gasp as it glides and forces my asshole open.

‘I got you, Julia. Trust me.’

‘I trust you.’

Hands cloistered together, he pushes it deeper. I bite my tongue. He nods. He pulls out. He thrusts again. I groan. He pushes it out. Again. In. Oh God, yes… in… pleasure… fuck… yes… I drool.

He thrusts and holds, his body close to ricocheting off the floor, off my sweaty used body. Hot cum shoots out of his cock, landing inside of my tight asshole. I tighten the muscle, then loosen it. He is done. I know he is.

We slump together and kiss before the fire. He does not stop kissing me. I do not stop saying those words in my head. This is just the sex talking. This is just the sex talking. I love Henry. This is just the sex talking...

It is night and we are both on the playroom floor, drained and sweating. He kisses my cheek and I bury my face in his chest. His phone buzzes.

‘Bo,’ he answers, over speaker phone.

‘We got him. Stuart Collins is his name. Seems he’s been doing this for months.’

‘Good. The police...’

‘Have been anonymously notified and the threads leading up to your employee are severed. Stuart is going to go away for a very long time.’

‘Consider that bonus doubled too.’

‘I was expecting nothing less.’

The line goes dead.

‘Are you okay?’ he asks after I go silent for close to a minute. ‘They found him. They are about to catch him. How are you not happy?’

‘Collins… he was...’ his warm arm finds my own.

He knows.

‘He was my ex. I turned him down when he showed me his true intentions.’

Henry nods.

‘He was obsessed with me.’ I pause, thinking of that day. Lecturer class, boring. Books. I was exhausted from that day’s session. He happened. The boy with the wild fifteen-year-old haircut.

He asked me to tutor him, said Camus was not making sense. I was naive. He knew. I went to his dorm room. We were alone. He tried, despite me saying no, that I wasn’t ready. My foot met his balls. I ran. I reported him. He became a ghost.

‘I’m here.’ Henry holds me close and pecks my cheek. ‘I’m here now.’

‘Thank you, Red.’

He chuckles and pinches my sore nipple.

‘Time to sleep, Miss Cast.’

I watch as he drifts off first.

I never want to let him out of my sight now, or vice versa.Chapter Ten - JuliaToday has been a good day. An exceptional day, I would say.

We woke up next to a fireplace that was ashes and embers, naked, and under the curious, direct and startled gazes of two older women. Henry rushed to cover my boobs. I rushed to cover my face, for obvious reasons.

He told me they were his only helpers around the mansion, that they saw him grow up and worked with his father. I tried introducing myself. They just laughed and shook their heads, tutting and sighing. I know they missed the young days, fucking and sleeping naked on a mat beside the fire all night long.

Dressed up and well fed after breakfast, Henry asked me if I would like to go with him to his favorite ice cream parlor, with our masks on, of course. He felt we needed an excursion. I wasn’t sure they would be open, but they were. They really were. I checked it online. But I had no clothes.

He told me it was not a problem, and tasked the whole morning with us looking things up online and buying them according to my sizes. He has an eye for that kind of thing.

He also asked the ladies, Sarah and Marcy, to find something to do in the house other than gossip when we went out. I asked him what I would go out in. He said jokingly that he did not mind me being naked in his car.

Oh yeah, we fucked in the garage before setting out.

We shopped. Gosh, we shopped. I felt like it was a day in the gym with all the heavy bags he was slugging.

I got a really cute red dress that I wore all day while he took me to late lunch and ice cream. Having the masks on was a bonus. No one knew who we were other than the parlor owner.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world when he held my waist and took my hand in his, and we walked from aisle to aisle shopping in the few stalls that were open. We came back home and had to go through the booth. He told me the house was empty, that it usually was.

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